What is Soft Start for a Miter Saw? Built in or adapter?

Ever wondered if there was another way of starting the engines of your diverse appliances and pieces of gear?

The normal startup does the job well. However, there are numerous ways in which it’s less than flawless.
Is there any other method you can use?

If there is, what is it? If you’ve always asked yourself these queries, we’re thrilled to tell you that yes, there’s another excellent method. It’s known as a “soft start.”

A soft starter considerably lessens the stress on an appliance and, therefore, prevents damage. There are various distinct types of engine-driven equipment that benefit from using a soft starter.

A soft start for you miter saw can also help prevent tripping a breaker panel.

For instance, fans, conveyors, and pumps all use a soft starter.
Escalators can also use soft starters as they save energy and can start and stop automatically.

In this article, we shall discuss soft start in a miter saw. Read on to learn more!

What is Soft Start for miter saws?

A soft starter is an extra appliance added to an average AC electric motor to allow the engine to use a distinct startup method. The device aims to lessen the strain on the motor during the normal power-up motor phase.

The soft starter will gradually start increasing voltages to the engine to achieve this. It enables a smooth speeding up of power rather than abrupt and intensely vivid power bursts that can cause damage to the engine and the entire device.

While many usual startups include a rush of electrical currents into the engine all at once, the soft start provides a sleek and steady linear power slope.

It minimizes the general wear and tears on the circuits of the motor. It results in a healthier appliance that’ll not break rapidly.

Some can adjust the starting voltage and the time it takes until the engine is fully powered up. It depends on the specific starter design you select.

Bosch Miter Saw Soft Start

Because electric motors frequently need large amounts of electricity to hasten to the trifling speed, you can use a soft starter to restrict the surge of current (inrush current) and the electric motor torque, leading to a smoother, safer, and slow startup.

Soft starters safeguard your Bosch miter saw from potential damage and also prolong your electric motor’s lifespan. It also reduces the heating brought about by common start/stops.

It lessens the mechanical strain on the engine and shafts and the electrodynamics strain on the power cords.

Adding a Soft Start Adapter to your Miter Saw

Miter saws consume a lot of power fast. If your circuits cannot manage the abrupt power draw, this can frequently cause electrical problems.

Soft starter adapters lessen the stress on the electric current. It ensures the saw doesn’t consume the power all at once.

Soft start adapters aren’t cheap, but if you’re looking into them it’s likely you NEED one. the range from $60-$120 depending on the quality and power range they can handle.

It might be a little frustrating having to buy an adapter, but it can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Luckily you’re able to use these adapters for multiple tools.

Apart from Bosch, several other brands such as Dewalt and Makita miter saws are equipped with a soft start function. On the other hand, you can attach an ordinary soft start adapter to any miter saw.

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