Single VS Dual Bevel Miter Saw: How To Decide

Single vs dual bevel miter saws can be a tricky purchase if you aren’t sure what that means. this guide below will walk you through everything you need to know before buying a single or double bevel miter saw.

What is a single bevel miter saw?

single bevel
This is a single bevel miter saw, pivoting in only one direction.

A single bevel miter saw can tilt the head of  the saw to one side. This allows you to make upto 45 degree beveled angle cuts through the width of the board. These types of cuts are important for corners while installing trim and other projects. 

A single bevel miter saw has been the most common type of miter saw, historically.

In the last few years, single bevel options have become less common and closer in price to dual bevel models. 

Single bevel miter saws used to be able to save homeowners a hundred dollars or more when purchasing a miter saw.

Today, you’ll be able to find both single and dual bevel miter saws within the same price range, if not for the same price.

The only reason to opt for a single bevel miter saw would be if you need it for low volume work, or you find a great deal vs dual bevel miter saws. 

Otherwise, I would recommend looking only at dual bevel options.

What does double bevel mean on a miter saw?

Dual Belvel
A dual bevel allows you to pivot in both directions

A double bevel miter saw, also known as dual bevel, allows operators to move the saw head in both directions. This means you can perform a bevel cut, in either direction, without having to move or flip the material being cut. 

A double bevel miter saw will save you time for every corner you cut. 

When cutting a beveled corner, you will need to make bevel cuts to both sides.

This can be done by making the first cut and flipping the next piece upside down to get the other side of the corner.

With a double bevel miter saw, you can cut both bevel cuts needed with the material safely in the same position. 

You will still be able to make all the same cuts you would on a single bevel miter saw, but the task will be easier overall.

Bevel cuts are just one type of cut miter saws can make. 

If you don’t need to perform bevel cuts with your miter saw, don’t worry about your options here.

When not in the beveled position, both single and double bevel options perform the same.

What is the difference between a single bevel and dual bevel miter saw?

Single bevel miter saws can tilt the head of the saw upto 45 degrees on one side. Vs a dual bevel miter where you can tilt the head of the saw in both directions. This convenience means the operator spends less time flipping and moving material between cuts.

A dual bevel miter saw can be tilted in either 45 degree direction. 

Single bevel models were much more common, as less features meant cheaper prices for the consumer. 

It’s always been cheaper single vs dual bevel miter saws that are more expensive.

Recently however, major miter saw brands have been producing most of their common models with a dual bevel option.

Brands have been offering them at prices competitive with single bevel models.

Price used to play a larger factor in choosing between single vs dual bevel miter saws.

Today, the price gap has shrunk considerably, leaving homeowners and hobbyists wondering why they shouldn’t opt for more features for little to no extra cost.

What is a dual bevel miter saw used for?

A dual bevel miter saw is used for making upto 45 degree bevel cuts through the width of the board. A dual bevel option means the operator will be able to make bevel cut quickly and with less hassle than with a single bevel model.

Without a dual bevel miter saw, you will have to flip material over, and make cuts upside down in order to get the correct angle.

While you will still be able to achieve all necessary cuts with a single bevel model, it will take longer and may yield less precise cuts.

Professionals looking to buy a miter saw should always opt for a dual bevel option, while those with low volume tasks may find a single bevel miter saw acceptable.

Why do you need a dual bevel miter saw?

A dual bevel miter saw isn’t a necessity, however, it can greatly speed up many jobs. If you’re a professional working with many bevel cuts, it will be useful. However, most home handy people will be able to get by with a single bevel miter saw.

If you’re a tradesperson needing to make many bevel cuts each day, single vs dual bevel miter saw isn’t really up for debate.

Get the dual bevel saw.

The time saved not having to fumble material around to get precise cuts will be better spent installing the material.

You’ll also get somewhat cleaner cuts with a dual bevel option. 

Saving time on the job is putting cash back into your own pocket! 

If you are doing a quick job that requires only a few cuts, you can easily get by with a single bevel option. 

However, if you are considering renting a miter saw for a home improvement project, opt for the dual bevel option. 

There’s likely no change in rental cost, and might save you a bit of time or hassle on your next project!

Is a double bevel miter saw worth it?

A double bevel option isn’t a necessity, most common miter saws offered on the market today are double bevel miter saws. If you are looking for a new miter saw, you will likely find a competitive double bevel model for about the same price as some single bevel options.

Long story short,  your choice of single vs dual bevel miter saws, isn’t really a matter of if it’s worth it. 

Most major power tool brands offer their flagship and lesser model miter saws as a double bevel versions. 

For example, if you were to head over to Dewalt’s website, you’d find they’re only offering one 10 inch and 12 inch miter saw, both dual bevel.

Yes, you’ll see options for expensive single bevel miter saws and cheap double bevel saws. 

Single vs dual bevel miter saw decision

you’ll be able to find a good deal on a good brand of double bevel miter for not much more than a single bevel option.

 Is it necessary? No! Will you break the bank getting a dual bevel model? Also, no!

If you’re in the market for a new miter saw opt for a double bevel. 

It isn’t much more if anything at all, and you might come to regret having only a single bevel model.

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