Dewalt VS Festool Miter Saw, Is Festool better than Dewalt?

Dewalt vs Festool miter saws has been a long drawn out debate, however, does it need to be? Dewalt vs Festool might be competitors, but are the direct competitors in every space or can we better assess what we need out of our tools to better determine which brands, and ranges within the brands, we should go with.

A miter saw is a distinctive type of power tool used by woodwork experts and carpenters globally to precisely cut a wide range of angles. This type of saw has a big circular blade with a mounted swing arm that pivots from left to right to make accurate angle cuts. It is ideal for creating door frames, crown molding, window casings, picture frames, and many more. However, with the wide range of miter saws in the market, it can be challenging when deciding on which miter saw to go with. Luckily, there are two powerful miter saw brands that you can never go wrong with, Dewalt vs Festool.

Dewalt vs Festool miter saws are the commonly known and recognized brand for cutting power tools by renowned woodwork specialists globally. With their similar robust features, it can be an uphill task to decide which brand to go for. When purchasing a miter saw, it is recommended that you go for a power tool that will specially suit your cutting needs and at the same time give you value for your money. It can be frustrating to buy an expensive power tool only for it to produce shoddy quality work.

Festool Kapex and Dewalt have been producing the best miter saws in the market. Apart from the similarities in functionalities, they tend to differ in various aspects. Although the two robust power tools are high end, Festool tends to be more costly than the Dewalt miter saw. These two powerful tools are specially engineered for carpenters and woodwork experts who go for quality over cost.

This piece will give you much-needed insights into the similarities and differences between Dewalt vs Festool Kapex so that you may decide on which one is ideal for you.

Here’s an awesome video comparing Dewalt vs Festool miter saws:

Is Festool Better than Dewalt?

Before deciding which power tool is the best, Dewalt vs Festool Kapex, you must put various aspects into consideration. You should scrutinize the different specifications and features that make them the best in the woodworking industry. These power tools are highly recommended due to their capabilities to make precise and accurate bevel crosscuts. The following are some of the ways in which the two power tools vary:

  • Quality 

Festool Kapex and Dewalt miter saws have many similarities when it comes to quality, as they are both high end and of the best quality. However, they have some quality differences. Although Dewalt is expensive, their prices are reasonable. This is because their high cost is translated to their excellent manufacturing standards and high quality.

 In the recent past, most of the miter saws produced by Dewalt are assembled and manufactured in the USA. Products manufactured in the USA tend to be of quality, thus zero chances of counterfeits. However, some of its components are made in Mexico, China, the UK, and Italy. Over the years, Dewalt has been at the forefront in maintaining high quality across the board.

On the other hand, Festool Kapex is one of the few brands that manufacture the most expensive miter saw than Dewalt vs Festool and other high-end counterparts. However, this depends on the specific models. But a majority of the Festool power tools are three or four times more costly than Dewalt tools. The best thing with Festool tools is that you exactly get what you pay for. Their power tools are unrivaled due to their high quality. They are considered the best in the industry. Festool Kapex is German made; this is why they have been able to maintain their top manufacturing standards.

  • Product Portfolio

When weighing which miter saw to go for, it is vital to note that quantity is not synonymous with quality. On the same note, you will note that Festool power tools are of decent size, which is not gigantic, but at the same time, they are of top quality. Festool Kapex manufactures a wide array of corded and cordless power tools, things like drivers and drills, a variety of saws, dust extraction tools, and impact drivers, and anything that you may require in the carpentry industry.  

When it comes to the quantity of power tools produced in the woodworking and carpentry industry, Dewalt is the definite winner. This is because they manufacture a wide array of tools that you may need for any woodworking project. Festool Kapex tends to produce tools that are application-specific and strictly designed for professional use. Dewalt power tools are ideal for tradesmen as well as the average Joe.

  • Warranty

Dewalt vs Festool Kapex brands excel in providing warranties to customers who buy any of their vast array of power tool products. Dewalt provides lifetime and limited lifetime types of warranties on specific products, as well as seven-year and three years limited liability warranties on selected products. Dewalt also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the majority of its products.

On the other hand, Festool Kapex offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with the power tool they have bought. In a scenario where the power tool fails to perform optimally due to a defect, they are ready to repair it or give you a replacement for up to 10 years. Apart from that, Festool Kapex power tools come with a three-year comprehensive warranty, plus every tool you buy is eligible for an extra two-year warranty.

  • Dewalt vs Festool Drill

When buying a miter saw, you should be keen to ensure that it comes in a wide array of drills and that you can quickly get one when you need it. Dewalt tends to have a better selection of drills as compared to Festool Kapex. Dewalt has over 100 drills selection, while Festool has about ten products. However, you should note that quantity is not the same as quality. It is vital that you go for a power tool that will meet your cutting needs and be easy to repair if it malfunctions.

  • Track Saws Selection Dewalt or Festool

Both Festool Kapex and Dewalt produce a wide array of track saws. Dewalt tends to produce more track saws compared to Festool. Track saws are ideal for cutting trim, ripping boards, and for splinter-free cuts across panels. They are also suitable when used instead of the plunge seen as you may set to an accurate depth, and it won’t disappoint you. When working with track saws on subflooring and wood flooring, you will be in ultimate control.

Although Dewalt manufactures a wide range of miter saws with track saws, Festool’s ones tend to be better and robust as they will give you an outstanding cutting experience.

  • Weight

For easy usage and flexibility of a power tool, the size of a miter saw masters. Festool Kapex miter saws tend to be lighter as compared to Dewalt. However, this may vary depending on the specific model. The lightweight feature of a miter saw aids in easy mobility from one area to another as it can easily be carried. In this case Dewalt vs Festool, Festool wins.

Is a Dewalt better than Festool: What Reddit has to say

If you search through Reddit you’ll find some great discussions around Dewalt Vs Festool. The general consensus seems to be that Festool is better suited to professionals that need precision and can afford to pay more for that extra 5% you might get out of a Festool over the next best tool. Dewalt is well received among Reddit users. Dewalt can be close to entry level, dominates the mid range and peaks with their high-end tool range. Festool on the other hand doesn’t have an entry level to mid-range selection of tools and only starts at the high-end range.

Although there is a wide range of brands that produce miter saws in the market, only a few, such as Festool Kapex, stand out. This is primarily because they produce specialized tools. Festool does not manufacture power tools for every application. Many of their tools are specially aimed at woodwork specialists. However, most of their tools for orbit sanding are the suitable selection for discerning auto body shops. Festool Kapex holds the title for the best miter saws, and that’s the reason behind their high cost.

When selecting a miter saw to purchase, it is essential to note that Festool Kapex is expensive and is specially designed for high-end woodwork experts. Most renowned professionals will agree that this robust power tool is worth every penny. Festool is one of the remaining few power tool brands that actually manufactures their miter saws in Germany. Many experts tend to believe products from Germany are superior and of top quality.

Festool Kapex has a 90% rate of customer loyalty. This is because those who have tried using this power tool in their various woodworking undertakings were satisfied with the outstanding performance. This miter saw has robust features that make it ideal for challenging tasks to rip and precisely cut different wood types.

The material used in the production of the Festool Kapex miter saw is of high quality and durable. These power tools will give you outstanding cutting performance for many years and without failing. Unlike other miter saws that tend to break down easily, Festool is rugged and suitable for large-scale undertakings as it can work for long without falling. 

Festool miter saws are also equipped with safety features that make them safe for novice users and experts as well.

Both Dewalt vs Festool Kapex are high end and of high quality, but Festool tends to be more superior and costly. This is because the Festool miter saw manufactured in Germany, has more quality features than the outshine Dewalt miter saw. However, depending on your financial capabilities, you should go for a power tool that meets your cutting needs to give you value for your money. Dewalt vs Festool can be a hard choice to make, but it doesn’t have to be!

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