why festool products are so expensive

I really like “window shopping” for tools online. Looking for the coolest and best tools for your shop can be quite enjoyable. If you are looking at the best tools when it comes to woodworking you’re probably looking at Festool. 

If you’ve seen Festool you might have also seen their price tag. Festool price tags are hefty, to say the least, and it makes a lot of people wonder why is Festool so expensive?

Festool is an established brand that is known for high quality, precision tools. The expensive price tag Festool asks for is just as impressive as their tools. so , Why is Festool so expensive?

Why Festool Products Are So Expensive

Festool is expensive, yes, but why? Well, if you were to search around the web for reviews for Festool products, you’ll have a hard time finding negative feedback. These tools are quality through and through and trusted by many high end woodworkers.

If you’re a hobbyist looking to get into woodworking on a budget, I’d steer clean of Festool. It is expensive! You’re better off sticking with the well known trusted brands that offer competitively priced tools. Dewalt, for example, is a great choice if you’re looking for quality tools for a price tag that matches. 

There’s no need to buy the best when you’re just starting out. Does that mean that Festool is overpriced? Well, that is a matter of opinion, and mine would be no. you really do get what you pay for with tools.

Who Is Festool For?

Who’s paying for the expensive Festool brand name? Often it’s advanced hobbyists with extra cash to splash on tools they enjoy working with. However, I think their bread and butter customers are professional, high end wood shops that need precision and quality from their tools. 

Outside of those two demographics, Festool might not be your best bet. To put it simply, why pay $200-$500 more for a Festool, if Dewalt will meet your needs? You could easily put that money towards another tool for your shop. Personally, I’d rather have more tools than a few expensive ones.

Of course, I’d love to own Festool products, they’re awesome! I’m fortunate enough to have gotten my hands on them and WOW! Is festool expensive? Yes. Overpriced? I don’t think so!

Festool isn’t for everyone and they know that. Festool isn’t for me, even though I love their brand. If you’re wondering why Festool products are so expensive, it’s because the price matches the quality of the tool. And no, it’s not overpriced!