I recently began looking at fixes for a miter saw blade that wobbles, vibrates or shakes during a cut. This is usually caused by a few problems that can develop over time.

Warped blades, bad motor shaft or bearings are the most common culprits of these types of problems. 

The best way to fix a miter saw blade that wobbles is to check to see if the blade is warped. If the wobble persists check if the arbor is bent, or if the motor shaft has a problem.

These are the most common issues, but there are a few more tricks to fix a miter saw blade that vibrates or shakes.

What Causes A Miter Saw Blade To Wobble.

Looking into the problem I quickly found I’m not the only person with this problem. After some research I learned a few small tweaks that can help solve the problem quickly.

This problem is common and usually affects miter saws later in their life span.

If you have a brand new miter saw that wobbles out of the box. Some part is defective and you’ll want to exchange the miter saw if possible.

The main source of wobbling come from warped blades. This means that if you were to lay the blade on its side,it would not lay flat. 

This is bad for trying to make straight cuts. Even if the wobble is slight and barely noticeable, you need to fix this as a warped miter saw blade will only lead to more issues.

Blades can warp over time. To a certain extent it is normal and expected from them. Aside from storing you saw and blades in a climate controlled room there are not many ways to prevent or slow this process down. 

As a side note, if you detect a minor wobble in your miter saw blade, you want to fix it. Even if it isn’t affecting the project, wobbles will only get worse, and cause stress on other parts of the miter saw.

For example, if you have a slight wobble and you continue to use the miter saw it will cause issues with other parts. 

Wobbling Adds Stress On Other Parts

The miter saw arbor or the motor shaft will have added stress each time the warped blade makes a rotation. This is bad news for the motor shaft and soon can cause it to bend out of place.

What could have been a simple blade change can turn into a much more extensive issue. And guess what? You still have to replace the blade.

Lastly, excessive heat has been known to cause blade wobble. Making many cuts in quick succession can cause the blade to heat up.

 Looking online, many people have found that if they simply allow the blade to cool down between cuts, the wobble is reduced or goes away. 

This may be a sign that you already have a more serious issue, and by allowing the blade to cool you are only minimizing the symptoms, not fixing the problem.

Ignoring a wobble is a sure way to decrease the lifespan of your miter saw. 

Detecting A Wobbling Miter Saw Blade

Checking if your miter saw has a wobble isn’t a very difficult task. First make a straight up and down cut. See if the cut is straight in the material. Excessive tear out or a wobbly line is a good indicator that you have a wobble.

Next look bring the head of the saw down to make a dry cut. Observe the end of the blade as you start up the miter saw. Usually if there is a wobble or shaking, it will be more obvious on start up. 

If there are no obvious wobbles or shaking, but you still have a lot of vibration in each cut, you might have a larger issue.

Shaking and vibrations that can’t be detected by the naked eye are often signs you have a bad motor or bearings. Both are extensive fixes. Hopefully, if this is your problem you still have warranty coverage. Otherwise, you might have a new rugged door stop!

Quick Fix For A Shaking Miter Saw Blade

The most common problem causing a miter saw blade to wobble is a warped blade. This is easily fixed by replacing the blade.miter saw blades don’t have an infinite lifespan and need to be replaced from time to time, depending on the level of use. 

Releasing a single bolt will be enough to replace miter saw blade. 

Make sure the replacement blade is not also warped! There are multiple stories online where a warped blade was replaced with another blade that was also warped.

This is because you often buy multiple saw blades. These blades even though they are not in use are often left in the same area as the miter saw. If the climate is affecting the blade, both will be affected. 

Sounds silly, but this might save you from thinking you have a bigger issue on your hands.

So once you get a new straight blade. Remove the old blade, install the new one and check for any wobbling, shaking or vibration. 

Miter Saw Continues To Shake Or Vibrate.

You know the miter saw blade was warped and you’ve gone and replaced it with a new straight blade. The obvious wobble is gone and it is cutting better, but there’s still a problem.

There is still a vibration or shaking when making a cut. This is the reason you shouldn’t let a miter saw blade wobble persist.

That single wobble each rotation puts serious strain of the miter saw when it makes thousands of rotations. 

Often a wobbly blade will leave more damage to the saw. Vibrations and shaking are reported even after a wobbly blade has been successfully replaced.

This is likely the motor or the bearings. If this is the case, check your warranty. Both items are fixable yes, but are a tall order. 

With that kind of wear on your saw, even if you go about fixing the shaking or vibrations, other problems might soon surface.

Wobbles Cause Secondary Damage

A wobbling blade can cause serious secondary damage to your miter saw. If you plan on fixing the motor connections, or the bearings, consider this. 

Your miter saw might be on the fast track to more issues. Before you attempt to fix these larger issues think about any other problems your miter saw has.

If you sink money into this miter saw to solve the vibrations or shaking will you have to fork over more money in the near future to fix another problem?

Hate to say it, but it is worth considering scrapping it and buying a new saw that is under warranty. 

You can contact the manufacturer for some solutions. However, miter saws spin a blade at high RPM, that isn’t a piece of equipment I want under performing.

 Having a faulty, or unsafe miter saw isn’t what I want laying around my shop. So far, my fingers are thankful for this perspective!

Preventing Miter Saw Blade Shaking, Wobbling Or Vibration

Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done on this front.

A climate controlled room where humidity isn’t a factor, and the temperature remains constant would be a great help. This would help preserving a miter saw blade’s life span.

Of course, most people don’t have that luxury, and often cart their miter saw around to different job sites in all kinds of weather.

Even a fixed miter saw in your shop might not have the best temperature control. 

The best thing to add in prevention is to regularly check you miter saw blade for wobbles. Replacing any wobbling blades will help prevent vibration and shaking in the overall miter saw.