Buying the best miter saw can be challenging. We’ve written the complete guide to walk you through purchasing the best miter saw for your needs! We’ve even compiled a list of our favorite miter saws that we recommend, check them out below!

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If you would like to check out the reviews for each miter saw we’ve just listed please find an in depth review of each miter saw below! If you’re new to miter saws we’ve also included a complete walk through of all the terms and features you need to know about!

Best sliding compound miter saw

This is not only the best sliding compound miter saw out there. It’s also the best rated, #1 selling miter saw on amazon, for a reason.

This model has every feature you need, leaving you wanting nothing! With a quality build you would expect only of Dewalt. The only thing you’re not going to expect is the price tag!

best sliding miter saw

It starts with a 15 Amp, 3,800 RPM motor that delivers a punch and will cut through anything you ask of your miter saw.

This motor is one that you can depend on to not just start the job but finish it.A built in fence allows for your material to be held in the correct position for the best cut, no matter the angle.

Of course you’ll get a dual bevel head! You’ll never need to waste time flipping over your material so you can make the right cuts. Paired with a sliding head, for extended cutting depth you won’t need to reach for another tool to finish the job you miter saw should be able to complete.

This model has one of the smoothest movements on both the bevel gauge and on the slide. 

The sliding head teams up with a 12 inch saw blade that has a maximum cutting depth of 6.75 inches.

This miter saw will make quick work of lumber and get it done precisely. With standard dust collection and the possibility of attaching a shop vac, you’ll be able to keep your work space clean and dust free.

Rest easy with a trusted Dewalt Miter saw

The Dewalt brand name is one you can trust. Dewalt is known as one of the biggest and best manufacturers of power tools. Better yet they are king in the miter saw world.

Others might make arguments for other brands having good saws. And they aren’t wrong, going with a Hitachi or Makita isn’t a bad move. But getting a Dewalt is the best move!

Even if you aren’t familiar with Dewalt to trust their history, you can trust the 3 year warranty Dewalt covers their product with.

That right, for 3 year Dewalt is going to guarantee that this saw is going to stay on top. Other brands might have you needing their warranty, Dewalt isn’t going to let you down, but offers protection just in case.

This is the best sliding miter saw on the market. There is no other miter saw that will have as much all around qualities as this one right here.

Purchasing the best miter saw is about getting the right fit for you. This model offers a one size fits all!

Lastly, the price tag on this model matches other miter saws that are lower quality and have less features. This model doesn’t make you compromise quality or features for a budget friendly miter saw, it offers all three!

This is my pick for the best miter saw you’ll find on Amazon or otherwise. The reviews speak for itself, it being a best seller speaks for itself. It’s a great tool at a better price!

Best Compound Miter Saw

This is a home handyman’s best friend. This is the best compound miter saw, chocked full of useful features that not only speeds up jobs but will help even novice users make professional level cuts resulting in a great finished product.

If you are a homeowner looking for a miter saw that can go the distance while keeping a fair price tag this is the saw for you!

best compound miter saw
Hitachi C10FCH2

A simple design keeps it easy to use. This single bevel model allows you to make the bevel cuts you need to make your projects look fantastic, without having the added cost of feature you won’t need.

Its simple functionality will make even easy projects look professional.

This simple design means the whole saw is rugged. This thing is a beast.

You won’t have to worry about parts failing or breaking, this unit was built to last! The reviews speak for itself. This is one of the most review miter saw amazon offers with over 750 positive reviews!

That level of feedback is not only impressive, its unheard of! You’ll be able to rest easy knowing you made a solid choice going with the best compound miter saw.

A great price tag also makes this saw a hugely popular option for homeowners. You won’t be breaking the bank to get this miter saw into your workshop.

With a high level of quality you’d expect it to be at least an extra hundred dollars more, but this saw is the best rated for homeowners for a reason! Quality doesn’t always have to bring a hefty price tag, this is one of those times!

Rugged comes standard with Hitachi miter saws

When you’re getting a really great price on a saw, you’d expect that you’d be giving up some of the extras, or that it won’t have too many features. Not the case with this unit! Even with its affordable price tag they still are able to deliver the extras to you!

Dust collection is a shoo-in for this model. A small bag to collect dust and debris is included, but a shop vac can easily be attached to ensure your garage or workshop stays clean and dust free!

With typical dust collection that you would expect on a miter saw you might be wondering what else they could add on to the package that won’t jack up the price on you.

This particular model gives you a laser sight to ensure that every cut is on the line and perfect. That one more feature to add to the list of bells and whistles.

Hitachi is also a top brand name in the miter saw world! While it might not come with the same backing you’d expect from Dewalt, Hitachi is not a brand to be underestimated.

With years of making quality motors in their power tools you won’t need to worry about this miter saw dying on you any time soon. Hitachi is known for its ruggedness and is a great option for novice wood workers who might need equipment to take a bit of a beating!

Best 10 Inch Miter Saw

This is the Ideal 10 inch miter saw for trim work! It’s small and lightweight, but still packs a punch! This saw will make quick work of any task you need for trim work. With solid features and a trusted brand name, you can’t go wrong with this miter saw!

best 10 inch miter saw
Dewalt leads the pack

Weighing in at just 35 pounds, this saw is one of the lightest miter saw you’ll come across! With a 10 inch blade size, it’s not only light, but compact as well. This will make setting up your workstation a breeze!

Loading it into your work vehicle also won’t be a problem, saving room for other tools you might need. 

Being able to save space in your work truck or in a busy job site will only make you life easier, this is the miter saw for you! Moving it around tight corners or finding a suitable spot to set it up will be a piece of cake!

With 15 Amp and 5,000 RPM this little saw is not to be underestimated! You certainly won’t be wishing you went with a more powerful saw. This 10 inch miter saw will eat through any type of trim material you might ask of it.

Even if you need to cut more rugged material than trim, it won’t be an issue. Designed for trim, powerful enough that it won’t fall behind competitors if you need lumber cuts as well!

This 10 inch miter saw will be able to make all the cuts you need. Whether crown molding or baseboard trim, material stand no chance against this quality saw.

You’ll be able to cut quickly and more importantly precisely. Your trim jobs will look and be more professional! This saw will make it easy to reduce possible tear out, while delivering a fine finished product.

Portable and powerful, Dewalt specialty

With convenient pre-set stops finding the perfect angle for your miter and bevel cuts is simple! All your common angles are preset and locked in! You’ll be able to quickly set the angle, taking any doubt away that your cuts will be anything less than perfect! 

Of course you’ll also be able to set irregular and uncommon angles for those tougher cuts. This saw provides versatility and ease of use. Getting the job done can’t get much easier. Quickly swap between common angles or change to odd angles without worry!

This model also comes with basic dust collection to keep your workspace clean. You won’t have to worry about maintaining a clean work area while making cuts all day!

The saw comes with a small dust collection bag, however, a shop vac can easily be attached to ensure a tidy work space. Your clients will appreciate it and other trades people around you will thank you!

Lastly, with a trusted brand name like dewalt, you’ll never have to worry that you picked a bad miter saw.

Dewalt is the king of the miter saw world. Years of trusted quality backing their name, you know that if you go with a dewalt, you won’t be running into issues.

Best 12 Inch Miter Saw

This 12 inch miter saw sells itself. It comes with every feature you could ask for with a price tag that will surprise you.

This saw has a dual bevel, it makes compound cuts and to top it off its a sliding miter saw. Top it off at being the top of the size scale at 12 inches, there literally isn’t a feature this model doesn’t include.

best 12 inch miter saw
Up and coming brand gives you quality you can afford

A 12 inch blade means that even large cuts won’t need a second thought, just measure, mark and cut.

You won’t find a larger cut radius than the 12 inch models. Pairing with a solid quality blade included with the saw you’ll be making quick work of hardwoods.

Add the reach of a 12 inch blade to this models sliding feature means that even large pieces of lumber will be cut quickly, without having to turn the material over.

Not only is this a safe option but it will reduce the chance of making a bad cut. It serves to make the finished product look good and the workmanship behind it shine!

Another main feature is this model’s dual bevel. You’ll never need to flip you material over to make the perfect cut. Just simply adjust the bevel and you’re good to go!

Dual bevel is a commonly sought after feature. Dual bevel it isn’t always necessary for everyone’s needs it is an ease of use feature. It’s usually is reserved for professional as it merits a higher price tags that homeowners don’t want to pay.

That’s not the case with this model!

With all the main features you could want from a miter saw you’d expect this 12 inch miter saw to be lacking with extra little features, guess again!

This model comes with dust collection bag that boasts a 70% collection rate for dust and debris created from cuts. Of course you can always add on a shop vac to increase the tidiness of your work area.

A laser guide is also included to ensure that your cuts are precise. You won’t have any wasted material with this unit. Your cuts will be perfect! Adding precision to a large extendable work area for longer pieces of material, you really do have everything you could want from a 12 inch miter saw.

New brand with a trusted miter saw feel

What’s the catch? If this saw has all the features that anyone could ever want, and a price tag that is friendly to any budget, what’s the catch. We know that features are important to you, you need certain options to ensure your jobs get done, and done well. 

The fallback of this saw is the brand name. You aren’t getting a Dewalt here. You also aren’t getting a top competitor like Mikita or Hitachi either. This is an off brand saw. While its reviews do look promising you have to make the decision is the cost savings merit an off brand saw. 

We will say that the cost savings are huge, and the quality of this 12 inch miter saw isn’t bad, it just doesn’t have a track record like its competitors. It’s the new kid on the block. Doesn’t mean it isn’t a perfectly good option for you!

 Best Cordless Miter Saw

Sometimes you just need to get the job done, and you don’t have time to worry about finding a power source. Maybe your jobsite doesn’t have power yet, this cordless miter saw solves that problem with no shortcomings.

Its portability and independent power means you’ll be finishing your job while others are just getting started.

Best cordless miter saw
Take this powerful Makita anywhere

This cordless miter saw comes with all the features you could want. It has a smooth sliding mechanism to ensure large cuts won’t be an issue.

Adding a dual bevel means you won’t need to flip your material to get the best cuts quickly. This particular model has a bevel that moves smooth like butter, without having to fiddle to make sure it’s in the correct position.

Standard dust collection bag is added into the saw, paired with a laser guide, this cordless miter saw comes with not only all the features you’d expect but also the bells and whistles you’d hope for!

Don’t forget you can always attach a shop vac onto the dust collector to ensure you’re sucking up as much dust and debris as possible.

But if the above features were the only things you’re looking for in a miter saw you wouldn’t be looking at this model. No, you need the freedom from the power grid, so you can get into the job site quickly and get out faster. You want a cordless miter saw!

You might think that cordless miter saws lack the power that comes with corded models. Having to fiddle with batteries over simply plugging into the wall. For some models you would be right! For this Mikita model, however, you’d be dead wrong!

Take a professional miter saw anywhere!

This Mikita boasts two 18 Volt Lithium Ion batteries that work in tandem to give you power that lasts. You’ll have all the power of a corded miter saw. With a battery life that will last you hundreds of cuts it would be hard to imagine you’ll run out of juice before you run out of material.

Forget to charge your batteries last night? No worries, any Mikita battery of the same size will work. This will allow you to use your miter saw’s batteries for other tools as well.

Has your impact gun run out of juice? No problem. Sun gone down and you need to power your Mikita work lamp? No problem!

When talking about cordless power tools you can usually make a case that you aren’t getting as much power. That isn’t the case for this Makita. What is the main drawback of this model is the price tag. 

This model has all the features, a trusted brand name and power to rival some corded competitors. These features are impressive and come with an impressive price tag. This is an expensive miter saw. But more importantly it is a fairly priced miter saw.

You get what you pay for, this model is no exception! It might not be the most budget friendly miter saw, but this is geared towards users who have very specific needs and can’t put a price on not getting the job done!

Best miter saw for your needs

Choosing the best miter saw can be difficult with all the options you have. While there are a lot of considerations to take in, the first thing we recommend you do is figure out your exact needs! 

Everyone’s needs are different, from homeowner to professional there’s a miter saw for all needs. 

If you’re a homeowner who occasionally uses their miter saw for odd jobs and a woodworking hobby, you don’t want to go and buy the best miter saw for a professional who uses their miter saw countless times, everyday. You’ll be overpaying for features you simply do not need.

The opposite is also true, the best miter saw for a hobbyist or casual home owner isn’t going to be what you want to show up at the job site with. You want the best miter saw that is going to get the job done quickly, the first time!

More specific requirements might also be something you’re looking for. If you’re a professional who solely does trim jobs, you’ll want a good 10 inch miter saw with a precision blade.

If a reliable power source can be hard to find at your job sites, look into getting a cordless miter saw and skip the hassle of finding power. Just show up, set up and get to work!

Once you’ve figured out what your needs are you’ve finished the first step to buying the best miter saw for you.

In the next section we’ll walk your through each of the different types of miter saw features so you don’t waste money on a feature you won’t ever need.

Best Miter Saw Features

There’s a lot of features, luckily we’ve laid them all out for you!

Miter Saw Gauge

This is what makes a miter saw, a miter saw. The miter gauge will allow you to adjust the angle of the cut to the desired fit. A miter cut is an angled cut through the width of the board.

You might see chop saws for a good price and think they can replace a miter saw, but this is not the case.

 If you need to make angled cuts you need a miter gauge. Not to worry though, all miter saws have them!

Best Miter Saw Size

While there are many sizes of miter saw, there are only 2 common sizes and we recommend sticking to them.

10 inch and 12 inch miter saws are the norm. 7.5 inch miter saws are also more common but only for very specific needs. You’ll end up sacrificing cutting depth and you likely won’t even see a cost savings. Stick to 10 inch and 12 inch miter saws!

Quick tip, your 10 inch and 12 inch miter saw blades will also work for most table saws. Being able to use your blades on multiple machines will save you money. Using a 7.5 inch blade on a table saw will have limited usability.


Bevel cuts are also angled cuts. These cuts are importantly different than miter cuts as bevel cuts are made through the thickness of the board, rather than through the width.

Bevel cuts are an important part of any miter saw. Luckily, nearly every model of miter saw comes with at least a single bevel option.

Single bevel miter saws

Single bevel options are great because they are affordable. They’ll also fit the needs of most people who use a miter saw. A single bevel allows the head of the saw to angle up to 45 degrees or more on a single side.

Dual bevel miter saws

Also known as double bevel, it serves the same function as a single bevel saw but allows the user to tilt the head of the saw in 45 degrees on either side. This means that you won’t have to flip material over end to end to make the cut, you only adjust the head of the saw.

Both are viable options, dual bevel is more costly, and single bevel will fit most homeowner needs. Single vs dual bevel miter saws is an age old question.

However, if you are a professional who will be making a lot of various different cuts, you’ll want to pay extra for a dual bevel miter saw.

Compound miter saw

A compound miter saw is a saw that lets you make compound cuts. A compound cut is a regular miter cut and a bevel cut combined. Its a cut the goes through the width and the thickness of the board. 

Any miter saw with a bevel will allow you to make a compound cut, so don’t worry too much about the term “compound”. So long as you get a miter saw with a bevel feature you can make any compound cut you might need!

Sliding miter saws

A Sliding miter saw will allow you to bring the head of the saw down into the material and then cut across the width of the board.

This is a feature that is usually saved for higher end models of miter saws. There are two main reasons you might want to consider a sliding miter saw.

First, the sliding movement cuts a board horizontally as well as the typical vertical cut you would get with a non-sliding model. This let’s you cuts larger pieces and won’t have you reaching for another tool to finish the job!

Second, the horizontal cutting motion reduces the amount of tear out you will have on the freshly cut material. For fine trim jobs this is essential. 

The sliding miter saw is used by professionals who need fine precision and large rugged cuts. A sliding miter saw offers more versatility, but at an added cost!

Sliding mechanisms are usually reserved for top of the line models, some of the best miter saws.

Best Miter Saw Accessories

 Now that we’ve covered the basic features of miter saws, let’s dive into the extras and accessories. Some of these extras come standard on higher end models, at some level. Others you will need to purchase as a secondary item!

Dust Collection

All miter saws come with some sort of dust collection. Typically it is a simple bag that collects the dust. It is important to keep the air you’re breathing clean. Further, if you are working in a client’s home you’ll want to ensure you are keeping your work space tidy.

With a bag collector you will need to regularly check and empty the bag to ensure dust is being collected properly. This is standard on most models. Some models are better at this than others, but they all do roughly the same thing.

To amp up your dust collection, you can always attach a shop vac to where the bag would normal be fixed. This will allow you to collect much more dust and debris before you need to empty the vacuum.

Attaching a vacuum also drastically improves the rate of dust collection.

If you’re working in client homes, we highly recommend adding a vacuum to your miter saw setup!

Laser Guide

Laser guides help you make the most precise cuts by showing you exactly where the blade will cut into the material. This improved rate of precision simply makes your job easier.

Can you get by without one? Yes, absolutely. Are they a very handy feature to have anyways? Yes! 

Most higher end models have a laser attachment, but they aren’t uncommon to see on all variety of models. You can also purchase attachable laser guides after you purchase your saw. You have options!

We recommend not choosing a miter saw based on whether it has a laser guide. It is a nice extra feature, but the other components of the saw are much more important. Plus, you can always add one on if you want to!

Miter Saw Fences

All miter saws come with a fence. A fence is what holds the material square to the saw, while you’re cutting. Some models offer a very basic fence, while others offer more intricate fences, such as extendable or locking fences.

This also isn’t something that I would focus on too much while purchasing a saw. Mainly because all models have fairly similar functionality. But also because most professionals and hobbyists end up making their own fence.

A custom homemade fence might sound like a lot of work, but it is almost the standard with professionals who regularly use miter saws. Making a miter saw fence is easier than you’d expect.

Once made, it will fit your needs perfectly and will be much more versatile and compatible with your needs than any pre-made fence you’d be able to find.

Miter saw station 

A miter saw station is usually just a continuation of the fence, with added features. For instance, a hobbyist might create a fence that fits their needs perfectly. The fence extends 4 feet on either side of the saw, and is in a fixed position.

With a good fence that fits your needs, many people won’t need to move their saw. Therefore, you’ll want to optimize the empty space under and around your saw.

Adding cabinets underneath the fence is very common. Adding a spot to attach a vacuum and easily empty it is also another common feature of a miter saw station. 

Basically any added storage or handy item you might want to add to your work space might be able to be added to your station. The possibilities are endless!

Budget for the best miter saw

We’re going to look at what you should expect to spend on the best miter saw for your needs.

Everyone is different and you’re going to be spending a different amount on a saw because you’ll be requiring different things of it. Regardless, you’ll be spending between $200-$800 to get the best fit for your needs.

Since that is a large amount, we don’t want to over spend. For example, most hobbyists and professionals do not need to be spending $800 on a miter saw. Ask “Do I need all the features?”.

That price tag is reserved for professionals who need a large saw with all the features and need a cordless model to boot!

Professionals, don’t underspend! You’re going to be relying on this miter saw to get the job done.

If your miter saw fails and you delay the project by a day you might lose profits that could add up to much more than the $200 you saved buying a cheap miter saw.

If you’re a professional and will be using the saw daily then you owe it to your clients to get the best miter saw. Spending $500 on the best is a safe and sound investment, don’t cheap out on this!

You’ll also look more professional showing up to a job site with a quality product, over a generic brand miter saw.

For hobbyists and casual users, you want to pick a miter saw that isn’t going to leaving you wishing you got an extra feature. You also don’t want to overspend on a saw, as that added savings might add an extra couple nights to the next vacation.

You don’t have anyone to impress, or deadlines to meet. Consider going with a more affordable option. This will also allow you to spend money on extra versatile blades or other tools.

Conclusion: Picking Your Miter Saw

We hope you’ve gotten some useful information out of this page! Buying the best miter saw can be daunting at first. But, with some simple steps you can find a miter saw that fits your needs and your budget, perfectly.

miter saw blade

Let’s go over these steps again.

First, establish what you will be using your miter saw for and what your needs are.

Do you need to move your saw from place to place? Get a more portable light weight model.

Do you need a cordless miter saw or can you go with much cheaper corded versions. 10 inch or 12 inch? Dual or single bevel?

All these features are discussed above, so if you’ve missed anything refer above!

Are you a professional using your saw on job sites or for client projects? Get a reliable saw from a trusted brand!

The last thing you need is a bad miter saw dying on you, resulting in a delayed project. It’s a bad look for your business, and the initial cost savings won’t be worth it.

If you’re a homeowner or hobbyist, you might have a more limited budget. You also won’t have as rigid deadlines to meet or clients you might lose.

You might like the cost savings offered by up and coming brands. You’ll be able to use your savings to purchase more tools for your workshop!

Second, budget for the saw you need! As mentioned above professionals shouldn’t under spend and hobbyists shouldn’t overspend. Most miter saws have a price range of $200-$800. 

Hobbyists and homeowners should be able to find something for all their needs for under $400. And that’s the top end! Finding a good saw for casual use can be found for $200-$300.

Homeowners and hobbyists can save, professionals can’t

Professionals need to spend more for that trusted brand name or job specific features. A professional who uses their saw daily should be looking to spend $350-$500. This will get you one of the best miter saws on the market and you’ll sleep easy knowing that! 

If you have a very specific need of your miter saw such as using it at job sites that might not have power you’re going to need a cordless model.

Cordless models do the exact same thing and can perform just as well. Their corded counterparts come with a much higher price tag. Don’t expect to get a quality cordless miter saw for less than $600.

The top range of cordless miter saws is about $800 and we do not recommend spending more than that.

Lastly, you have everything you need to make a selection. You know what features you need and the price range to find the best miter saw.

You can go back to the top of this page and look at our choices for the best miter saws in each category, there’s one for everyone!