Miter saw binding: why your miter saw stops mid cut

Below you’ll find explanations and solutions regarding miter saw binding and kickback. Many other types of circular saws have the same problems with binding, as miter saws. Binding can be a major safety hazard. Please use caution when navigating power tools that are malfunctioning.

Miter saw binding is something I’ve come across from time to time and thankfully have been able to overcome it successfully enough that I still have enough fingers to write this article. Jokes aside, please enjoy the below content.

What Is Miter Saw Binding?

Miter saw binding occurs when the blade of the miter saw is unable to cut the material, at the same rate of speed as the operator is performing the cutting motion. Common causes of miter saw binding are dull blades, incorrect blade type or operator error.

Here’s a great little video explaining binding along with other general safety tips:

Why Does My Circular Saw Blade Keep Stopping?

If your circular saw stops mid cut, and is not a power related issue, it is likely a form or binding or kickback. This occurs when the operator attempts to pass the saw quicker than it can cut. This indicates that you need to replace your blade with something sharper, or that you need to make your cuts slower.

Miter Saw Stops Mid Cut

Your miter saw can only cut so fast, nine times out of ten, if your miter saw stops mid cut, it’s because you’re making the miter saw cut faster than it is able to. Maybe you’re moving too quickly or applying too much pressure.

It’s also possible that your miter saw blade is too dull. Blade dull over time. You might be used to making the same cut over and over again, but once the blade dulls it needs more time to make each cut.

You might also want to ensure you’re using the correct blade for the type of material you’re cutting.

Tips For Preventing Miter Saw Binding And Kickback

If your miter saw stops mid cut, it’s because the cut was made too fast. You might be trying to make a cut too fast or the blade is dull. It could also be a combination of both.

Regardless of the reason for the saw blade binding, you need to slow the cut down. Make contact with the material you want to cut and allow the blade and miter saw to do the work. It might take longer than you remember when the miter saw was new, but that’s likely because your blade has become dull.

Replacing the blade on your miter saw goes a long way to reduce the likelihood of binding occurring in the first place.

Final Thoughts On Miter Saw Binding

Miter saw binding can be dangerous for the operator are those around you. On top of this, you’ll quickly ruin your miter saw and the material you want to cut with it. 

Miter saw binding is not something that should be regularly occurring. Should it be a regular occurrence look into new blades or even a new miter saw if you are having power issues.

Luckily miter saws are some of the safest power saws, however, if you are experiencing binding on another circular style saw such as a skill saw or table saw, it is much more dangerous.

Again, use the correct blade, ensure it is clean and sharp, clamp your material down, and use proper technique when operating a miter saw.

Miter saw binding is nearly always preventable, provided you are being vigilant. Kickback can cause serious harm.

Stay safe!

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