What is the Smallest Miter Saw? Does Size Make a Difference?

In the building and woodwork industry, cutting is one of the vital procedures that need to be done with a great deal of perfection and accuracy.

In this regard, it would be of much help if woodwork experts use the proper and right type of miter saw regardless of the nature of wood material that they intend to cut.

Even though there are standard miter saws that may be found in many workstations, a mini miter saw tends to be one of the most widely used power tools globally.

With this power tool, you are given the independence and freedom to work on wood materials with much precision and accuracy.

A smaller version of a traditional or a standard conventional miter saw is a mini miter saw.

Many brands in the market produce mini miter saws.

It can be challenging when deciding on which mini miter saw is ideal for you, as every brand comes with different distinct features.

Although many people tend to believe that small miter saw may not give them the desired results, there is a wide range of mini miter saw with robust features.

To make the correct choice on which type of mini miter saw to go for, you need to do thorough research and compare the various small mitre saws in the market.

However, the V2O CRAFTSMAN 7-1/4-Inch mini sliding miter saw happens to be one of the smallest and most popular mitre saw compared to the other small counterparts in the industry. This saw is well recommended and highly rated by woodwork experts.

This piece will give you much-needed insight into the smallest miter saw in the market.

Small Miter Saw for Trim

Every woodwork specialist desires to have a compact miter saw that would not only save on space and be portable but, at the same time conduct trimming duties.

Large miter saws might be challenging to fit in vans while being transported and they may not be ideal for carpenters with smaller working stations.

For this reason, mini miter saws tend to be more convenient and widely used.

One of the smallest miter saw is the Craftsman 7 ¼ miter saw. Despite its compact feature, it has the much-needed power to complete everyday tasks.

Its high-performance motor is suitable for fast and accurate cuts. Its beveling shoe can pivot up to 45° for precise angle cuts.

Although many people tend to underrate these mini miter saws, their functionality is outstanding. It is also equipped with blades that are easy to change.

Whether to go for a mini miter saw or the counterpart conventional miter saw will depend on your preference and woodwork cutting needs.

Mini miter saws have less blades that are less wide and they can cut boards and pieces of wood lengthwise thanks to the gliding feature, which enables the blade to travel back and forth along the rail. 

The worry of most woodwork experts is whether mini miter saws can undertake tough and challenging carpentry tasks.

Small miter saws are equipped with robust features that make them as good as their bigger counterparts.

You can create clean, smooth, and precise cuts on a wide range of wood materials such as picture frames, club and golf handles, door frames, among many more. 

A mini miter saw is very lightweight, thus making it easy to use. It is compact enough, making it easy to fit on a small table stand.

For carpenters who move from one place to another to undertake different woodwork projects, the mini miter saws may come in much handy.

Small Battery Powered Miter Saw

When undertaking overwhelming woodwork tasks, you may need to use your miter saw outside your working station or far from a power supply point; it may be inconvenient to use it if the power supply cable is shorter.

Luckily, there are mini miter saws that are cordless. They are powered with rechargeable batteries making them convenient for use even when you have an unreliable power supply.

The Craftsman mini mitre saw is equipped with a 4.0AH battery pack. Although the battery is compact, it can store power for long hours; thus, you can conduct your woodwork projects even when there is an outage.

This type of miter saw is economical and will give the desired results with less hassle and time thanks to its cordless features.

The Craftsman mini miter saw is a small powered miter saw with minimal cords.

This serves as a safety feature as cases of accidents in your working station are minimized; corded miter saws tend to be complex to use, and also, the cords may make you trip in the workshop if not careful.

Here’s a great video comparing some of the smallest battery powered miter saws on the market, it’s a great video!

What Sizes do Miter Saws Come In?

Just like most types of saws, mitre saws come in a variety of sizes.

The most common sizes are 12, 10, and 8 inches, with craftsman mini miter saw being one of the smallest with 7 ¼ Inches.

Note that miter saws with wide diameter blades are capable of making longer cuts. However, the mini miter saw has been equipped with advanced technological features, making it possible to glide along and make cuts lengthwise.

The sizes of the blades vary depending on the model and brand that has produced a specific miter saw.

The sizes of these robust power tools have both a positive and a negative aspect. On the positive side, it allows for versatility and variety.

Miter saws of different sizes allow you to tackle a wide range of woodwork jobs and projects.

However, it may be a challenging aspect, especially for woodworking enthusiasts and amateurs, because it can be difficult to differentiate which size of saw to use for a particular type of task.

Apart from the standard size mitre saws with 10 inches and 12 inches diameter blades, small compact mini miter saws such as the Craftsman V2O have 7 ¼ inches.

Thus, they are categorized as one of the smallest in the market. This miter saw is robust and will give the accurate and precise functionality that you deserve in addition to saving space.

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