Ridgid Miter Saw Problems: Is Ridgid prone to problems?

Ridgid miter saw problems have come up but how do we resolve them? As a woodworker, you always want your projects to be top quality. Of course, your skillset and the caliber of wood that you are using will help you achieve this goal, but the quality of your power tools is also a big factor. 

When it comes to miter saws, one of the brands that woodworkers often ask about is Ridgid. Some woodworkers worry about the quality of Ridgid tools because there are rumors of miter saw problems out there on the internet. So, how do Ridgid saws stack up?

The company is known to make good quality saws, and the price tag of their miter saws generally reflect that fact. However, they do offer entry-level miter saws that are made more cheaply and therefore more accessible for those on a budget. A high-end miter saw, such as a Festool Kapex, will be much better than a Ridgid miter saw. 

Ridgid can be a great brand for beginners! The biggest problem found in customer reviews is an issue with the blade guard — a complaint not often found in other brands.

Ridgid Tools

The inventor of the modern pipe wrench, Ridgid has been around since 1923. Their famous tagline, “built for those who know”, speaks to their goal of satisfying the tradespeople of the world. They also pride themselves on the millions of people who use Ridgid tools on the job each day.

Ridgid isn’t just about wrenches, however. They carry just about any kind of hand or power tool you can think of. One of their most popular woodworking tools is the 10-inch bevel miter saw.

Are Ridgid Miter Saws Good?

Whether or not a tool is “good” is relative to the woodworker, but to help you figure out whether a Ridgid miter saw will work for you, we will look at some of the features. The company is confident that its dual bevel sliding miter saw can handle whatever type of job you choose to throw at it. 

The 15-Amp 12 in. version features a 0-70 degree miter range, a leader in the industry. Plus, it can cut 70 degrees to the left or right. You can move the saw head with the crown molding stops thus giving you a bit of extra convenience. Other features include a work light, an LED cut line indicator, and a 15-amp motor. The dust collection port that is built into the saw works with standard 11/4-inch vacuum adapters.

The 12 inch Ridgid miter saw weighs 64 pounds. It’s not exactly lightweight, but it isn’t too heavy to move around the shop on occasion. (The 10-inch version weighs 46 pounds.)

Pros & Cons

Backing up to a bird’s eye view, we can look at the positives and negatives of the Ridgid brand. 


  • 15-amp motor powerful enough to cut through tougher materials
  • Integrated dust collection port
  • Good option for left-handed people
  • Work light and LED cut line indicator
  • 0-70 degree miter range
  • Comes with Ridgid warranty


  • Learning curve for figuring out crown stops
  • May need adjusting to get perfectly square cuts

What Ridgid Miter Saw Customers Have to Say:

As with any product, you can find negative reviews about Ridgid miter saws with a bit of internet research. However, if you are weighing the purchase of a new power tool, it can be a good idea to look at the criticisms of other users. The main complaints found in the online reviews centered on four things: the warranty, the blade guard, dust collection, and squaring the blade.

According to some customers, there is limited availability for replacement parts — especially for saw bought prior to 2015. These limitations have left some people unhappy with the state of the warranty. While it is considered a lifetime warranty by Ridgid, if the parts are discontinued, then the saw is not actually repairable. 

The most prevalent complaint with Ridgid miter saws has to do with the blade guard malfunction. Some people have stated that it quits working and cannot be lowered when making cuts. This seems to be happening because the link holding the guard in place bends thus making it unsafe to use the saw until repaired.

A few complaints have been made about the dust collection methods of Ridgid miter saws. Apparently, the dust bag is not very efficient, and it does not collect very much dust. Cleanup becomes quite a chore with the amount of dust kicked up when the saw is in use. 

Difficulty squaring the blade has also been mentioned in a few reviews, however, this could be more inexperienced woodworkers having issues using their power tool. Some people have commented that there is a bit of a learning curve, but the blade cuts true once you figure out how to position the blade correctly.

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