Why my New Miter Saw Blade Burning as it Cuts? Blade Burn Marks

It is the primary intention and desire of every carpenter and woodwork expert to get value for their money when purchasing a new mitre saw blade.

It can be frustrating and stressful when a new miter saw fails to perform optimally or malfunctions. One of the problems that most woodwork specialists experience is their miter saw burning the wood as it makes cuts.

When this happens, the quality of the work is compromised. Luckily, this problem could be fixed.

As a novice, you could be asking yourself, “Why is my new miter saw burning as it cuts?” Well, there are a number of reasons behind this phenomenon.

First of all, you should make sure that your miter saw blade is clean, sharp and free of the pitch.

This is because the blade gets blunt with usage, and when your saw blade is dull, it makes it challenging to cut woods quickly, and when the rate of the feed is slower, a great fiction will be created between the blunt blade and the wood, thus causing burns and scorch marks on the wood.

Miter saws are designed to be robust and are intended to give precise and accurate bevel crosscuts; thus, when your miter saw blade is causing burns and smokes on pieces of wood, it is a clear indication that it has malfunctioned and should be fixed.

A miter saw produces smoke when it can no longer cut the wood with ease; thus, much pressure and struggle is applied than before. When your miter saw blade malfunctions, you should look for means to get it fixed.

This piece will enlighten you why your miter saw blade could be smoking and burning the woods as you cut.
Let’s get to it.

Why is my Miter Saw Burning the Wood?

Here’s a great little video explaining why you’re getting burn marks:

It is not normal for a miter saw blade to burn the wood as you undertake your woodwork and carpentry duties.

When this happens, you should know that there is a problem with your miter saw, and most of the time, it has something to do with the blades.

First of all, you should confirm if you have correctly installed your miter saw blades and that they are facing the correct direction.

If you saw blades are facing the wrong direction, it could be difficult for it to make cuts, thus causing friction, which could damage the wood that you are cutting by burning it.

Secondly, a blunt and dull miter saw blade could be the reason why your miter saw blade is burning as it cuts.

A Blunt saw reduces the efficiency of your miter saw as it may inconvenience the precision and accuracy of your cuts.

The speed of the saw will end up reducing as the bluntness is compromising on the standard speed. Thus, it will cause scorch marks on your piece of wood.

The quality of work produced will be low due to the burns caused by dull saw blades.

In some instances, a miter saw blade that feels dull might be due to dirt and wood pitch resins that accumulate behind the teeth of the blade, which slow the cutting speed of the saw blade, thus increasing the chances of burns.

It is highly recommended you increase the productivity of your miter saw blade through regular cleaning and maintenance. You could use a commercial blade cleaner to remove dirt that you make your miter saw dull.

Why Does my Mitre Saw Blade Smoke?

While undertaking your woodwork projects, you could notice that your miter saw miter blade is producing smoke.

This could be a worrying observation. However, when this happens, it shouldn’t be a call for alarm as it could be a minor problem that could be fixed.

One of the main reasons behind this problem is a result of the miter saw blade getting blunt as you use it on the various rigid wood surfaces. The saw blade no longer can cut the wood with ease; thus, it will struggle, thus producing smoke.

Dull and blunt saw blade interferes with the motor’s average speed as it will tend to be slower than usual. You should check on the feed rate to ensure the proper adjustment to prevent your miter saw from malfunctioning and producing smoke.

Uneven alignment is another reason that could make your miter saw blade produce smoke. It is vital that when cutting, you place the accurate angle that the miter saw blade is rated to cut.

Miter saws are equipped with a fence to ensure that the wood material is in the proper position and held firmly in position until the work is completed.

However, when this measure is not adhered to, much pressure will be applied, causing burns and smoke.

Before you start working, always ensure everything is perfectly aligned.

Preventing Burn Marks From your Miter Saw

One of the common reasons that could make your miter saw blade burn wood is using it on warped lumber.

When you go to the lumber yard to purchase, always ensure that you do not buy warped lumber as it could cause damage to your miter saw blade.

Although dried lumber could cause your miter saw to malfunction, the use of miter saw is highly forbidden of green and undried pieces of wood due to health and safety concerns.

The saw blade cannot perform optimally on warped lumber; thus, it could cause burns.
Another reason that could make your miter saw burn wood is the misalignment of the splinter.

A splinter that is misaligned could cause the wood to be cut to bind; thus, it would not run straight, thus causing more friction, and in some instances, it could cause kickbacks.

A miter saw blade that is warped is not ideal for cutting. When your saw blade is warped, it will wobble when cutting wood, thus making inaccurate and erroneous cuts. As a result, this could cause friction and burn the wood.

Although blunt and dull miter saw blades could interfere with your work’s quality by causing burns and smokes, you could fix this problem.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your saw blade will go a long way in improving its lifespan. You should also ensure that you correctly sharpen your miter saw blade to enhance its productivity.

However, if your saw blade is worn out, you should consider replacing it with a new one.

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