Miter Saw Blade Keeps Spinning: Fixing The Brake On Your Miter Saw

If you’re making some cuts and your miter saw blade keeps spinning after the cut, you might be worried you have a big issue on your hands. Luckily, there are some easy fixes to stop the blade from continuing to spin after a cut is made.

miter saw blade keeps spinning
Check for any wear and tear, or missing parts.

Common solutions to this problem start by checking the miter saw head for damage, wear or missing parts.

Next, remove the housing and ensure that the head of the saw is clean, use compressed air to remove sawdust and debris. Lastly, the most common fix is to replace the brushes. 

We’ll walk you through checking all possible issues, what to look for and how to fix you miter saw so the blade stops in a timely fashion!

Faulty Brake On Your Miter Saw

Most miter saws come with an added safety feature, an electric blade brake. This brake works by sending power in the opposite direction of the spinning blade once the trigger is released. This slows the blade down much faster.

Miter saws have a brake for two reasons, safety and functionality. 

Safety first, you don’t want to be moving the material you just cut near a moving blade.

Best case scenario you knick the material and ruin that piece. Much worse, you could catch a finger, or the material could get sucked into towards the blade and kickback towards you!

These things can happen, but can be easily prevented by simply being careful around your miter saw.

Second, we have functionality. If you’re making a series of quick cuts, you have a stop all set up and you’re ready to go.

Most users can make these cuts quickly. However, if you need to wait 10-15 second after each cut for the blade to stop you won’t be making fast progress. 

Working quickly around a faulty miter saw is a recipe for disaster. So how do we go about fixing the problem?

Why Your Miter Saw Blade Keeps Spinning

There are a few reasons your miter saw blade keeps spinning, but all culprits are luckily related and will be housed in the head of the saw. 

First thing to do is check the saw over, looking for and wear, damage or missing parts.

There are stories where the brake failing because of a missing screw. So check to make sure everything seems to be in working order.

This included the trigger. With the miter saw unplugged, test out the trigger. Does it still press and release like it used  to? Does it click or stick mid pull? These can all be signs of the issue.

Once you’ve checked for any obvious external problems, we’ll need to move inside the head of the miter saw.

Remove  the cover and do the same check you did on the outside. Any obvious wear and tear? Missing parts or damage?

If not we move onto the next step of fixing the problem.

Cleaning Can Fix The Miter Saw Brake

Miter saws create a low of saw dust by nature, this dust can get into everything. This includes the head of the saw where the electronics are housed. With the cover off the head of the miter saw gently remove any sawdust or debris with compressed air.

The components that brake the saw after each cut may be jammed with debris. Removing this may fix the issue entirely.

This should be part of regular maintenance for your saw. However, most people do not think to remove the cover to get at the guts of their miter saw.

This is a common fix for this problem and is also one of the easiest tasks to perform.

Replace the Brushes On Your Miter Saw

Next to cleaning your miter saw, the most common culprit of this issue is worn brushes. Most new saws are brush-less and won’t run into this type of problem. 

So if this is your case, you are unfortunately looking at replacing the whole saw if you really want to fix your miter saw and it is out of warranty.

However, the good news is that most times the miter saw blade keeps spinning is with motors using brushes. This means that you will be able to replace the brushes, which is a fairly simple task. 

Some more bad news is that most of the time brake failures happen on older miter saws, meaning that the warranty has expired.

The good news is that the cost of new brushes is less than replacing the whole miter saw.

Check the warranty anyways, as well as the owner’s manual. Even if it tells you your warranty has expired, it may still give you some great tips on disassembling the saw, general tips or replacement part numbers.

Do You Need To Fix A Miter Saw Brake

Maybe you have an older miter saw that you only use occasionally. Its expired and you don’t know where to begin to replace the brushes. The warranty has expired many moons ago and you really don’t want to fork out the cash for a new miter saw.

At this point you might be wondering if you have to fix the problem even if the miter saw blade keeps spinning after a cut. 

miter saw blade keeps spinning
Make sure the blade guard is still attached and working well.

We don’t want to tell you to do anything unsafe. But there really isn’t much danger here. So long as you’re careful and the blade guard is in good shape you can just ignore the problem. 

Is it ideal? No, but it can be worked around. We do want to point out one major item if you do decide to go this route. Check the rest of the saw for wear and tear.

If the miter saw blade keeps spinning and that is the only problem with your saw, it isn’t a big deal.

However, this problem usually only occurs on older saws. If one part of you miter saw has begun to wear out chances are other parts are soon to follow. Ensure that this is the only issue with your miter saw and check regularly. 

Once other problems start to come up it’s certainly time to replace the miter saw.