Are Metabo Mitre Saws The Same As Hitachi?

For framers, trim carpenters, and woodwork experts, it can be a challenging hurdle to choose from the wide range of miter saw brands in the market.

It is the desire of any carpenter to get the best miter saw that would offer versatility, reliability, and precision while working on important woodwork projects.

Value for money is what most renowned carpenters go for.

Metabo HPT is a top well-known brand that manufactures outstanding power tools ideal for professional use.

You may be wondering, “is Metabo miter saw the same as Hitachi miter saw?”

The two brands are now one after the acquisition of Metabo by Hitachi, which were then sold to a North American company by Koki Holdings Ltd.

Miter saws produced by Metabo are famous for their robust and durable features.

When perfectly utilized, the outstanding mitre saws help woodwork experts to yield high productivity.

For those who go for quality over cost, Metabo miter saws are definitely the way to go.

This piece will give much insight on Metabo miter saws to evaluate if it is a better version than Hitachi.

Let’s get to it!

The Reason behind the Brand Name Change to Metabo

From October 2018, Metabo HPT, a former part of the Hitachi group, is now the new brand name for Koki Holdings America.

They are the same tools but with a new name in North America.

For more than 70 years, they have been the pacesetters in the power tool industry, boasting of a powerful cordless impact driver and slide miter saws.

The reason behind the name change was because they are no longer under the large corporation referred to as Hitachi, which sells a wide range of automotive equipment and consumer products.

Metabo was acquired by Hitachi a few years ago, and currently, the two brands were sold to a private equity firm by the name of Koki Holdings Limited.

Both Metabo and Hitachi brands offer the same functionality; they are ideal for bevel and angle crosscuts.

The miter saws are the same, just a difference in the brand name.

It is reported that Metabo was acquired for $180 million. However, the financial reports of Hitachi were not disclosed.

Here’s a great video discussing the branding change in detail:

The Difference between Metabo and Hitachi Mitre Saws

In a nutshell, there is no difference between the two renowned manufacturers of mitre saws.

Apart from the brand names, they are the same robust tools.

Their batteries and warranties are also similar!

For instance, the batteries for Metabo HPT MultiVolt can be used on Hitachi MultiVolt tools.

Also, the Metabo HPT I8V batteries will correctly work on Hitachi 18V power tools and vice versa.

The color scheme and packaging are also the same.

The entire swift rebranding was just a matter of a new name, more innovation and freedom, same tools, warranty, and cordless compatibility.

There is no need for alarm, whether you are a recent Hitachi or a future user of Metabo HPT power miter saws.

The features, quality, durability, efficiency, and productivity of Metabo and Hitachi Miter saws are the same.

You are guaranteed an outstanding cutting performance by using these potent miter saws for your woodwork projects.

Although these tools are slightly expensive, you are guaranteed of high quality.

In terms of functionality, both Hitachi and Metabo miter saws have a solid base that pivots downwards to make cuts.

Their unique aspect is that they can cut angles and bevels, making them ideal for installing crown molding and trim work.

These miter saws are also perfect for flooring and framing.

Both brands manufacture various types of miter saws such as compound miter saws, standard miter saws, and sliding compound miter saws with lasers.

Are Metabo Mitre saws any good?

The Accessories:

Metabo HPT, going by its durability slogan, is at the forefront to ensure that you don’t get stuck when your miter saw breaks down.

A wide range of accessories similar to those formally used by Hitachi power tools is available in the market. The quality of accessories from the two brands is identical as they are much durable and perfectly suit your repair needs.

Whether you are using a Metabo mitre saw or one from Hitachi, you do not have to worry about spare parts of accessories as they use the same accessories for repair and maintenance.

The Features

These miter saws have similar features, and thus, you can use them to perform similar cutting duties as follows:

Powerful Saws for Workshops and Construction Sites

Mitre Saws from Metabo and Hitachi have given woodwork experts outstanding performance for decades.

There are over ten types of saws offered by the two brands specially designed to perform various woodwork challenges.

The rated power input depends on the models, which ranges between 1350 watt and 2200 watt.

The saw blade diameter ranges from 216 mm to 315 mm.

Large miter saws from Metabo and Hitachi can impressively manage to cut a width of 320 mm and cut a depth of 120 mm when the saw blade is at 90°.

The sliding function is also similar. The main goal of these miter saw is to improve productivity and to save on hassle and time.

Designed for Maximum Sawing Comfort

Metabo miter saw, which is the same as Hitachi, have been designed to offer ultimate comfortability as you work on your woodwork projects.

Bevel, mitre cuts, and rafters can be seamlessly done by these robust miter tools.

Wide Range of Saw Blades for Hitachi and Metabo Mitre Saws

Whether you seek rough cuts in construction wood or clean and precise cuts for demanding wood pieces, there is a wide range of Hitachi and Metabo saw blades with varying teeth and diameters in the market.

Special blades that are ideal for aluminum and plastic are also available.

Hitachi and Metabo Cordless Miter Saws

Unlike the conventional old school miter saws that were manual.

Mitre saws produced by Hitachi and Metabo has been designed using modern technology to offer you enhanced productivity.

The cordless miter saws are robust as they use power for constant clean and precise cuts. Some of these powerful tools have been equipped with laser guide for more accurate cuts.

Apart from the brand name, there is no difference between Metabo and Hitachi mitre saws.

They are the same woodwork tools and offer the same improved and high-quality performance.

Former users of Hitachi miter saws are advised to embrace the new brand name and get the same productivity they used to get from these robust miter saws!

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