Fixing A Miter Saw Blade That Wobbles, Vibrates Or Shakes

I recently began looking at fixes for a miter saw blade that wobbles, vibrates or shakes during a cut. This is usually caused by a few problems that can develop over time. Warped blades, bad motor shaft or bearings are the most common culprits of these types of problems.  The best way to fix a […]

Miter Saw Blade Keeps Spinning: Fixing The Brake On Your Miter Saw

If you’re making some cuts and your miter saw blade keeps spinning after the cut, you might be worried you have a big issue on your hands. Luckily, there are some easy fixes to stop the blade from continuing to spin after a cut is made. Common solutions to this problem start by checking the […]

Miter Saw Tripping Breaker: Simple Solutions That Work

If you’re using your miter saw and you suddenly lose power, it could be that your miter saw is tripping the breaker. This can happen for a variety of reasons, and needs to be looked into as it can cause serious problems. If your miter saw is tripping the breaker ensure that the miter saw […]

Miter Saw Binding: 4 Easy Fixes To Prevent Binding

Picture this, you’re making a cut on you miter saw and the saw stop mid cut! Miter saw binding is a common problem that a lot of miter saw users and other circular saw users have. Luckily, there are a few easy tips you can do to prevent this from happening. Ensure you blade is […]

Best Miter Saw: Don’t Over Pay!

Buying the best miter saw can be challenging. We’ve written the complete guide to walk you through purchasing the best miter saw for your needs! We’ve even compiled a list of our favorite miter saws that we recommend, check them out below! If you would like to check out the reviews for each miter saw […]

Miter Saw Bevel Cut Not Straight. Easy Fixes for a Common Problem

I was working on a small piece of trim and I noticed that my cuts weren’t quite perfect. The corners weren’t square because my bevel cut was not straight. So I had to look online and see what reasons might make the miter saw bevel cut not straight. After doing some reading and watching a […]

Do I Need A Miter Saw?

You might be wondering “Do I need a miter saw?”. If you’re asking yourself this question, the likely answer is yes.  However, we’ll walk you through what a miter saw can do, the benefits of using a miter saw over another tool in your shop. We’ll also give you some recommendations for tools that you […]

12 Inch Miter Saw Blade, How To Find the Right One

The right blade can be just as important as the right saw! Picking the correct 12 inch miter saw blade can be tricky. There are many types and sizes of circular saw blades, but which one fits my saw? Further mire which type fits the material I’m using? The short answer is that you need […]

Miter And Chop Saws: Choosing The Right Saw For You!

If you’re in the market for a new miter saw, you have lots of options! You might even be looking at miter and chop saws, thinking they have the same functionality.  Stop right there! While both types of saws share a lot of similarities, there are major differences. What a saw is called may vary […]