Can a miter saw cut lengthwise?

miter saw cut lengthwise

if you’re asking “can a miter saw cut lengthwise?” you’ll be disappointed to know that it can’t do length rip cut as well as a table or skill saw.

Is plywood cheaper than wood? Cheaper wood alternatives

plywood cheaper than wood

Contents Plywood cheapest cost Plywood goes for about $15-$30 for a 4×8 sheet. This makes it cheaper than natural wood. Thickness, quality and special treatment of the sheet are all factors in the price. High grade plywood, treated for moisture protection can easily fetch north of $60 for a 4×8 sheet. If you’re a beginner […]

Miter Saw Hits Kerf Plate

miter saw hits kerf plate

You may have noticed that your miter saw is cutting into the kerf plate insert. This might cause concern at first, but rest assured your miter saw hits the kerf plate for a reason. Unless your miter saw blade has a wobble seeing your kerf plate take some cuts is expected by design. I do […]

Miter Saw Bevel Cut Not Straight. How To Fix Crooked Cuts

miter saw bevel cut not straight

I was working on a small piece of trim and I noticed that my cuts weren’t quite perfect. The corners weren’t square because my bevel cut was not straight. So I had to look online and see what reasons might make the miter saw bevel cut not straight. After doing some reading and watching a […]

Craftsman Table Saw Model 113: The Godfather of table saws

Craftsman table saw model 113

     There’s a reason you’re searching for information about this saw! It’s because the Craftsman table saw model 113 stands the test of time. It’s one of the best built table saws ever made. These table saws are so good, they outlasted Sears haha. Jokes aside the craftsman 113 table is an awesome vintage […]