Best Miter Saw For The Money, Save Yourself Some Cash!

You want to make sure you aren’t overspending on your miter saw purchase. Finding the best miter saw for the money really does depend on what your specific needs are. You might not need all the features, and therefore don’t need to shell out the extra cash for them!

This guide will go over how to match a miter saw to your needs and you budget. Once you get that information we recommend that you head over to our top 10 miter saw guide and look at the best saws in each category that fits your needs! 

The best miter saw for the money really depends on your specific needs. Everyone is going to use their miter saw for different projects. The first step is figuring out what you needs are.

Determine Your Requirements

If you’re a professional that needs their miter saw to do tons of cuts, and cuts that change on a daily basis, you’ll want a miter saw with more features. You don’t want to purchase a saw only to find two months later that you should have gotten the sliding model, or a dual bevel saw.

If you are a professional who is going to be heavily relying on their saw. Spend the money on a high quality sliding compound miter with a dual bevel. You’ll never get caught needing an extra feature, and saving yourself a hundred dollars won’t be worth it if you have to rent a saw that has the needed features.

Here’s a great quick video explaining the basic types of miter saws:


Maybe, you’re a professional who only needs a miter saw for a very specific task occasionally. Let’s say you do trim work about once a week but never know when it might come up. 

A very basic single bevel miter saw might fit your needs perfectly. Since you need to have it in your work vehicle all the time you might want to go with a 10 inch miter saw to safe space for the tools you use more frequently. 


For hobbyists who sporadically work on all kinds of projects what miter saw you need can depend on your budget. Having all the features is great, you’ll never have to worry, but it won’t make sense if you cannot afford it.

Just a basic single bevel miter saw can open up a lot of project for you. Consider starting out small, and if you need to upgrade to a model that better fits your needs as you come to find out what those needs are.

Portability is another point to consider. Do you need a small saw that will fit in the truck of your car? Or is there lots of room in your work truck? Is a power source going to be hard to find? Look into cordless miter saws so you don’t have to find a plug. Or maybe you need the raw power that comes from corded models.


Miter saws range in price from roughly $200-$800. You certainly don’t want to shell out $800 for a saw when the $300 model suits your needs perfectly. Save that $500 for our next vacation!

If your miter saw is going to be a secondary tool, as in it’s not something you use regularly, but still need to have on hand. Go with a cheaper model. Save the cash to put towards future purchases for your primary set of tools.

If you are using your miter saw daily, simply do yourself a favour and spend the money on a good quality model with all the features. You won’t be happy if you went with a cheaper, lower quality miter saw just to save a couple hundred, if it fails on a job and costs you more than that by loss of time on site.


best miter saw for the money
If a miter saw’s appearance has more in common with a kitchen appliance than a power tool

A quick note on safety. Finding the best miter saw for the money can be tough depending on your needs and your budget. With there being many saw brands out there, naturally some are better than others.

There are very cheap and affordable options on the market. However, these options might be very low quality. This is a machine that is spinning a saw blade at high speeds, DO NOT cheap out and go with an unheard of miter saw that has no reviews.

We recommend sticking to known and proven brands of miter saws. This way you can be sure to keep all your fingers!

Best Miter Saw For The Money: Conclusion 

Finding the best miter saw for the money can take some time. But you should start by determining your needs, and then looking through our buying guide for the top 10 miter saws by category. 

Make sure you don’t cheap out if you’ll be relying on your miter saw heavily. Alternatively, if you won’t be using the saw everyday, consider a lower end model to save yourself some money.

With just a couple of steps you’ll be able to purchase the right saw for your needs without overspending!